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Answers to quiz no 2

Since nobody managed to answer all the questions to quiz no 2, I guess it was a little too hard! Here are the answers anyway;

1) Race horses.

2) Stabbing a dead pig with a spear.

3) Ross and Mangles.

4) St. Georges, Hanover Square.

5) Stapleton and his wife.

6) Victor Hatherley.

7) Montague Street.

8) A volume of Pope’s Homer, 2 plated candlesticks and an ivory letter weight.

9) All were unwritten cases of Sherlock Holmes.

10) Stevenson.


Sherlock Holmes Quiz No. 2


1) Who or what were The Negro, Rasper and Pugilist?
2) What was Holmes doing in the back of Allerdyces shop?
3) From whom was the Hound of the Baskervilles bought?
4) Name the church where Lord St. Simon married Hatty Doran.
5) Who lodged at the Mexborough Hotel on Craven Street?
6) Who was apprenticed at Venner and Matheson?
7) Where were Holmes’ rooms when he first came to London?
8) What else was stolen along with a small oak barometer and a ball of twine?
9) What have Vamberry, Tarleton and Ricoletti got in common?
10) Who was Alexander Holder’s business partner, whose premises were on Threadneedle Street?

Answers to Quiz No. 1


1) Sir Eustace Brackenstall.
2) The Copper Beeches.
3) Goldini’s
4) Culverton Smith.
5) They were one and the same person.
6) Kings Pyland.
7) Don Juan Murillo.
8) Lion’s Mane jellyfish.
9) Jack Prendergast.
10) The May Day.

Sherlock Holmes Quiz no. 1


1) Who was the owner of Abbey Grange at Marsham in Kent?
2) Name the house of Jephro Rucastle.
3) What was the name of the restaurant in the Gloucester Road where Holmes and Watson dined in ‘The Bruce Partington Plans’?
4) Who was Holmes’ antagonist in ‘The Dying Detective’?
5) What was the connection between Eduardo Lucas and Henri Fournaye?
6) What was the name of the training stable of Silver Blaze?
7) Who was known as ‘The Tiger of San Pedro’?
8) What is Cyanea Capillata?
9) Who was the leader of the Gloria Scott mutineers?
10) What ship had to return to Liverpool because a loose hogshead dislocated a hull plate?

This is just a fun quiz and no prizes are involved. The answers will be posted in a later blog, just so that you can check your accuracy! Look out for Quiz number two very soon.