Amusing info on our old pal Inspector Lestrade

Having read all of the Conan Dolyle books of the canon and having written thirteen Sherlock Holmes mysteries for my own book, I thought I was fairly well up on all the familiar supporting characters such as Watson, Mycroft, Mrs Hudson et al. Imagine my surprise then to discover that Inspector Lestrade’s first name is Sholto, his wife’s name is Fanny and he has a beautiful daughter called Emma Bandicoot-Lestrade! In addition I was unaware that the esteemed inspector had injured himself falling off the Titanic, just before she sailed on her maiden voyage!
All of this I have just gleaned from reading M J Trow’s very readable book called ‘Lestrade and the Devil’s Own.’ I was in our local library last week and amongst the ‘Old Books for Sale’. I found three of Trow’s hardback books of Lestrade selling for 50p each, so I bought them all. For any of you out there who, like me, had never come across this author I can fully recommend him to you. I’ve not quite finished the first book, but am enjoying it immensely. It is an irreverent, funny and quirky story involving numerous murders and Lestrade’s run-in with the frightening aspect of the dangerously militant Suffragettes. I’m looking forward to reading the other two books. These are, Lestrade and the Guardian Angel and Lestrade and the Magpie.


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