Spanish translation of ‘The Outstanding Mysteries of Sherlock Holmes’

Hi Everyone out there!
I am currently studying Castillian Spanish or Castellano at the University of the Third Age, and have been for several years, at various centres including the Cervantes Institute, so being reasonably proficient in the language it came in very handy for one of the stories in my book. In The Mayfair Strangler, a leading character is the Spanish Ambassador to the Court of Saint James’s, Don Pedro Garcia Manrique. Recently my friend and fellow student, Brian, suggested our class should have a go at translating my book into Spanish. Most of my fellow students have already read and enjoyed the book and they were keen to give it a try. As we already have our curriculum mapped out for this term, it may be possible that we could try it for next term. Depending on our tutor Roland.
I have bounced this idea off Steve Emecz and he said to go for it! So if anything comes of it I will announce it here in due course. It could be a daunting project and would still need expert editing to achieve the necessary Spanish nuances, similes and so forth, so don’t hold your collective breaths!


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