Monthly Archives: September 2011

Extracts from a Review, by Matt Laffey from ‘ALWAYS 1895’, of:
The Outstanding Mysteries of Sherlock Holmes (2011). Written and illustrated by Gerard Kelly [MX Publishing].

Contained in Kelly’s collection of thirteen Sherlock Holmes pastiches are stories of outstanding quality, each crafted to the perfect length and level of action. It is quite clear that the mind in which these tales were conceived has spent a significant amount of time communing (in the non-spiritualist sense of course) with that of ACD and/or Watson. Kelly’s attention to detail and pacing, his allegiance to the Watsonian brevity and discretion and, perhaps most importantly, his refusal to take the easy way out (Aha! Moriarty is back!) makes for a delightful collection of original yet familiar stories. One is tempted to race through the entire set of tales but the prudent reader will resist this urge and instead savour one or two stories a day (or evening)…

On a final note, Mycroft Holmes makes more than a few welcome appearances in these stories – perhaps the man that at times ‘was’ the British government had a hand in gently suppressing cases [in which] he was involved? Kelly has a knack for writing Mycroft and his judicious inclusions are great fun to read.

If on a rainy Sunday, like many Sherlockians, you find yourself hankering for novel adventures of Team Holmes & Watson, consider picking up The Outstanding Mysteries of Sherlock Holmes.