Other Stories I Have Written

TEMPUS. This is a Faction (mixture of fact and fiction) soft science-fiction story.

Set in Manchester, England in the 1990’s, Christian Cameron finds an old metal trunk in the loft of his recently acquired house. When he finally manages to open it he discovers a world war two-army uniform, gas mask and service revolver. He dons the uniform and sets off in his vintage sports car to a fancy-dress party. During a violent electric thunderstorm he enters a time warp, the claps of thunder merging into the exploding bombs of the blitz, and he and his car are displaced to the year 1942 and England is at war with Nazi Germany. Chris has to assume the identity of the soldier whose uniform it was or be arrested as a spy under the ‘Defence of the Realm’ act. He undergoes training as a paratrooper at Winston Churchill’s No1 Parachute Training School, Ringway. Here he makes friends and enemies. His adventures, conflicts, romance and efforts to return to his own time are the rest of the story.

STASIS. This is a soft science-fiction time-travel story with a difference. Approximately 65,000 words.

The hero, Paul Evans, is a young American College lecturer at The University of Manchester’s Institute of Science and Technology (UMIST). Whilst examining a mysterious metallic Cylinder, which has been unearthed, he becomes trapped inside it. The cylinder is a cryogenic life capsule left on earth millions of years ago by an alien race and Paul is transported into the future. He emerges into a world decimated by a mutated form of the AIDS virus called SuperAIDS or ‘Satan’s Pox’, which is transmitted by fleas, mosquitoes etc.
He has to survive in a deserted city roamed by savage packs of wild dogs that try to eat him. Moving out into the country he encounters a religious community of survivors, ‘The Brethren of Jesu’ and falls in love with Sarah, a beautiful young member of the clan. The conflict is between Paul and Jacob, the powerful leader of the Brethren, who wants Sarah as one of his wives. Among the brethren only the elders have the ‘Word’, but as Paul can also read he is distrusted and feared by Jacob. Paul is accused of heresy and put on trial as the Anti-Christ. Sentenced to death, he is allowed to choose the method of his own demise. In the meantime, Sarah has contracted Satan’s Pox and for this reason is also sentenced to death.
Paul cleverly tricks the Brethren and makes his escape, returning to rescue Sarah. They are pursued back to the city where the story builds to a climactic conclusion and an extremely satisfying ending.


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